Hope for young moms.



Hope for young moms.

Who we are.

Keramiko is committed to providing hope, encouragement, and support for pregnant and parenting youth in Calgary. As we are a new program, we are working on building a strong foundation so that we can dream big for the future. Our goal is to provide mentorship, to help bridge some gaps in programming already offered in Calgary, and to offer hope and guidance in the lives of young moms.

Keramiko is here to help build community amongst teen moms so that life and learning can be done together versus alone. 

What does Keramiko mean?

Keramiko is a Greek word meaning "made of clay" and the name symbolizes that we believe we are all made of the Potter's clay, formed in His image. This goes for the moms, the children, the mentors and the staff who run this program - we are all equal in His eyes and as a community, being formed into something beautiful - together.


Core Values:

We value the health of the whole person: relationally, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

We strive to create a community where young moms and their children or expectant moms, are safe and accepted.

We see the hope and potential in every young person.

We recognize that mentorship and safe adult relationships are vital to development.

We believe that every young person is entrusted to us to love and invest in.

We believe in the importance of a friendship based community where growing, learning and doing life together is key. 


If you're a young mom, or young mom to be... sign up here and let's get you plugged into a community of friends and support! We'd be honoured to have you! (LINK COMING SOON!) 

We are looking for ladies (only) to come along side young moms and their children, or young expectant moms as they go through their pregnancy. Our goal is to help support, encourage and do this piece of life together. Apply to become a Keramiko mentor today! 

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If you're interested in donating tangle items such as gently used toys, baby supplies, or to sponsor this program, please email us or visit our "donate" page to make a secure online donation.