Please fill out the following form.

1. In preparation, PRIOR to filling out this form, please ensure you have read the Statement of Faith, Community Commitments and the Role Assessment Form. You will be asked to sign off on these agreements at the end of this  assessment. 

2. PLEASE GIVE YOURSELF ADEQUATE TIME TO COMPLETE THIS FORM FROM START TO FINISH as you will not be permitted to save your progress. You must begin and complete this assessment in one session. You will also want to ensure you have a solid internet connection. If you prefer, you can print off this page as a reference, type out your answers in a Word Document and then do a copy and paste of your answers into this online form. However your completed form MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE. 

3. Remember, this is not a test but rather an invitation to take the time to reflect and share openly. Therefore we ask that you give thorough answers versus one sentence replies. This is about checking in and about going forward with understanding. As well, this assessment will help gauge where you are at and what future goals could be created to help you excel even further. 

Statement of Faith and Community Commitment Acknowledgment and Agreement *
I have read through and agree with both the YFC Statement of Faith and the Community Commitments.
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Date of Assessment
Date of Assessment
Personal Ministry Role
Please note: This is not a judgement filled question but rather a question of inquiry.
Ministry Partner Development
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Spiritual Development and Self Care
Co-worker Relations
How well do you see yourself in the following areas?