Campus Life

Campus Life is a school-based outreach program that volunteers with school athletic teams, carries out student team-building rallies, and is involved in other activities on and off school campuses. Staff and volunteers mentor youth through sport by challenging and encouraging them to reach their full potential, supporting them in their development, teaching them life skills, and instilling positive values.

Gym Blast. 

Gym Blast is a high energy, jam-packed, fun-filled, 1 ½- 2 hour, morning or afternoon motivational assembly full of games, geared for students from grades 7-12. Gym Blast promotes school spirit, team work and group effort. 


Keramiko is committed to providing hope, encouragement, and support for pregnant and parenting youth in Calgary. As we are a new program, we are working on building a strong foundation so that we can dream big for the future. Our goal is to provide mentorship, to help bridge some gaps in programming already offered in Calgary, and to offer hope and guidance in the lives of young moms. Keramiko is here to help build community amongst teen moms so that life and learning can be done together versus alone.

Project Serve.

To love is to serve. Project Serve Calgary provides young people the opportunity to serve God through serving others. Project Serve Calgary has the vision to build up a generation of servant hearts who understand the brokenness in their own city and are connected to various local organizations involved in applicable relief ministry. This summer Project Serve will be hosting local mission trips to expose, educate, empower, and engage the youth.


Our StreetLight program aims to reach youth who are living on the streets or who are involved in human trafficking through mobile drop-in centres in Bowness and in the downtown core, as well as through two 24/7 crisis lines. The program provides a safe environment for these vulnerable youth and facilitates mentorship relationships to help them make positive life changes.

Youth Guidance

Our Youth Guidance program provides at-risk and minority youth with mentorship and relational support through facilitating sports events and through a partnership with an open custody home in Bowness. This program helps youth to develop positive values, relational skills, and leadership capabilities.

Worth Auto

Worth Auto is an employment-training program in the form of an automotive repair shop for disadvantaged and troubled youth. Many of these youth lack self-worth and have rarely known accomplishment, so Worth Unlimited teaches them practical and valuable skills while inspiring their sense of identity.


Bow Valley.

Youth Unlimited operates a satellite program that provides mentorship for youth in Bow Valley through individually tailored one-on-one mentorship. This program supports First Nations students as well as youth from low to average income families, providing them with the developmental opportunities and adult encouragement that they need to develop their potential and recognize their unique value.



With an emphasis on how one’s personal faith is a significant source of hope and coping, our programs/services are:

Culturally sensitive
Educationally age-appropriate and
Caring long-term

Our multifaceted approach utilizes “client-centered,” “family-systems,” “community development,” and “crime prevention through social development” forms of intervention.

We engage each community through a process of assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, consultation & networking of key stakeholders.

This approach emphasizes cultural diversity through “Anti-discrimination, Access & Equality” practices, strategic city-wide alliances and partnerships and the optimization of local community expertise, human and material resources.

Youth Unlimited has exciting programs spread throughout the Greater Calgary area and we invite you to partner with us in reaching youth for Christ by volunteering, joining our staff team, financial partnership and with your prayers.