Gym Blast will promote, school spirit, team work and group effort. Through participating in the physical activities with their team, the students will encounter character development to be honest, fair, inclusive and caring for others. Each game is designed for fun and team co-operation. Scores are kept at each event for motivational purposes but we strongly emphasize that winning isn’t the most important thing.

“Play Hard…Play Fair…Play Safe”.


The cost per Gym Blast is $525.00.

Gym Blast is available to communities outside of the Calgary Area for an additional .50 cents per KM round trip. If you are within the 25 KMS of Calgary city limits there is no additional charge.



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“Our students enjoyed the games and the spirit and energy, while they worked together in their teams. You and your staff were wonderful. Working with large groups seems like quite a task for us, but you and your team had the events well organized and coordinated and the communication to make the morning run very smooth.”

Nancy Turner – Mitford Middle School


“The activities allowed all students to participate and feel involved. The use of student leaders was very helpful in generating a positive atmosphere and made them and their classmates feel especially connected and involved. We would definitely have you back again next year. “

Dale Martin – Sherwood School


“I was so pleased with how everything went. Kids who normally withdraw from activity came up to me and said how much fun they had. To me that was well worth it.”

Micheline Ostapiuk - St. Helena Jr. High


“We have a great respect for anyone than can keep junior high students engaged in an activity for an extended period of time. We look forward to hosting you again in the near future.”

Jay Rankin - Joan of Arc Jr. High School


“The staff commented that it was a great team building event …furthermore, the staff was really impressed with how the students participated and it speaks volumes to how interactive the events were.“

Kevin Tonak - Ian Bazalgette School