Our mission is to foster an inclusive community of hope where no young person goes hungry; spiritually, emotionally, physically, or relationally.


Our purpose is to positively transform this generation of youth by providing a wide range of teaching, training, relational, behavioral, and spiritual services to maximize the potential of the young lives we come into contact with.


We envision that as youth in Calgary experience God, His love, His truth, and His life-changing power, they will be transformed and will be a redemptive presence in our city and beyond. 

Our vision is to see transformed youth transforming this city, so that our impact will not end with the youth that we serve, but rather it will continue to benefit the community as these youth become positive contributing members of society.


5Gauges is a Youth Unlimited gauge system that measures the progress of youth in our program. This tool allows our field staff and volunteers to assess youth on a tangible scale and measure their development. One of the gauges is “Renewed Character”, which measures how youth are growing in their ability to live out core values such as respect, compassion, kindness and patience. The second gauge is “Healthy Relationships” which measures the progress of youth in regards to finding a place to belong, reconciling broken relationships, discovering vibrant community, engaging in mentorship and forming positive peer friendships. The third gauge is “Clear Purpose” which measures how well each youth is doing in regards to finding a place in the world, utilizing their gifts and abilities, creating life goals developing passion, and demonstrating an eagerness to learn. The forth gauge is “Joyful Service” which will measure the extent to which youth are motivated to put others first, volunteer and give back to their communities. Lastly, the fifth gauge, “Rooted Identity” measures how youth moves from brokenness, addiction or a place of feeling trapped, to experiencing God and the freedom, hope and healing found in a relationship with Him. 


Put all these five gauges together and this is the picture of transformation that Youth Unlimited desires to see in the lives of our youth and helps us measure the outcomes and successes of our programs. 


Youth Unlimited Calgary is affiliated with Youth for Christ Canada. Youth Unlimited Greater Calgary (our legal name is Youth for Christ Association of Calgary), is a separate and individual charity, fully responsible for our own programming, staffing and funding.The National Office of YFC Canada exists to serve the local Chapters through the development of a national vision and strategic plan as well as the provision of common services. To find out more about what Youth for Christ Canada is doing across our nation, use the link below. 

Youth for Christ has a distinctive history of youth evangelism. In the early 1940s during World War II, many young men, mostly ministers and evangelists, held large rallies in Canada, England and the United States. Today, throughout the world, Youth for Christ has many different ministries reaching out to the various cultural needs of youth. 


With the vast experience of Youth for Christ comes a wide knowledge of youth ministry resources and experiences. We invite you to browse these resources. 

Youth Unlimited Calgary publishes a quarterly newsletter called "Insights". Use the link below to be directed to the Insights Newsletter page where you can download the latest issues and see our most recent infographic. You can also use this link to sign up for either digital or hard copies of upcoming issues. We'd love the opportunity to stay connected!