Please fill out the form if applying for Social Assistance on behalf of a client.

"Social Assistance Funding" Guidelines ..
1. The purpose of this is to assist with the whole-life development of young people in the
GCA (see By-Law #4); funding will be provided to needy individuals who are experiencing
a financial need due to their living situation, which thus impedes their development.
2. Funding is not restricted to those with whom we have regular contact.
3. Each request must be reviewed with regards to their current financial situation. (Why do they need the
4. Requests must meet the following qualifications:
a. Only one request per year
b. If more than once, under $500 per calendar year OR ...
c. Medical, legal, funeral, job training/counseling
(So, rent payments or groceries can only be made totaling under $500 per year, but
there is no limit for medical or legal assistance).
5. It is preferable that any funding be paid to a third-party, not the individual in question.
6. This applies to both cash and gift card expenditures.

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