Here's what Worth Auto is all about:

Since 1977, Worth Auto has been helping youth and young adults in Calgary move from an unproductive and often delinquent lifestyle towards a healthy, productive, and fulfilling lifestyle. Our youth work on donated vehicles with the assistance of qualified technicians. They inspect, repair and certify vehicles and then sell them to families or individuals in our community. This program provides an outlet for their potential that will allow them to be productive and learn valuable employment skills while developing a positive sense of worth and identity.

Most of the youth that we work with lack self-confidence and have rarely known accomplishment. They have no positive employment record, rarely have adult role models in their lives, and many have experienced conflict with authority. Youth are often referred to the Worth Auto program by Alberta Social Services, Youth Probation and other community agencies.

The purpose of Worth Auto is to provide these youth with the healthy role models that they desperately need. In addition to teaching them practical skills, we also address the emotional and spiritual needs of youth, which are often overlooked and neglected. We encourage youth to develop inner qualities such as a servant attitude, love for others, trust, humility, and respect that will transform their character and set them on a path towards a successful and fulfilling life. 


- Increase youth’s sense of accomplishment and belonging
- Enhance their learning of relational skills
- Help prevent the incidence of further delinquencies
- Provide youth with a positive work experience
- Increase youth’s work ethic and performance
- Help youth obtain regular employment or return to school
- Nurture the spiritual growth of each youth in our program


Worth Auto welcomes vehicle donations in exchange for a fair market value tax receipt. Your donation helps us to transform the lives of the youth that we work with as we provide them with the opportunity to learn valuable skills and discover their worth and value.

For more information on donating a car, please contact Doug Waugh at 403.333.3055, or use the form below to submit your donation information. 

To see a listing of vehicles Worth Auto currently has for sale, please use the following links. Please note that these vehicles are stored off location.

If you live outside of Southern Alberta, you can donate your vehicle to Donate A Car. Please note that Donate a Car is not a program of Worth Auto but rather a partnering organization. For more more information contact Doug Waugh at 403.333.3055.


How do you determine the value of my donated vehicle?

Every vehicle we get is unique. Simply put, if we sell a vehicle for $2,000.00 and we have to spend $500.00 on the vehicle to tow it and repair it, then your tax receipt will be $1,500.00. It is the same as donating cash to our organization. The amount of profit we realize from each vehicle is what the income tax receipt will be.

When will I get my tax receipt?

Unless you request otherwise, all the tax receipts are sent out at income tax time. You should look to receive your tax receipt at the end of January or early February.

Do you pick the cars up or can I drop off my car at your office?

We have a tow truck that can pick up your vehicle free of charge (within 100 km of Calgary) or you can drop it off between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday at: Bay 15-1725 30 Ave, NE, CALGARY, AB. *If you are planning to drop off your vehicle, please call ahead and make sure one of our staff will be there to assist you before you leave.

What happens to my car after it’s donated?

Once Worth Auto takes possession of a car, it is assessed and will usually end up in one of three places. After we bring it to our shop, we determine if it is a car that we can: 1) Reasonably repair and sell to the general public; or 2) It is a car that we should try to sell at auction without spending any money on it; or 3) It should be used for parts and ultimately end up at the auto wrecker for recycling. We seek to maximize the value of every car we receive at Worth Auto and sometimes have to make hard decisions regarding where it ends up.

Where does the money go from each vehicle?

100% of the proceeds from each vehicle go towards funding our program. We are 100% donor funded and as such rely on the generosity of like-minded people to keep us going.  Your donation goes towards wages, tools and general operational costs such as heat, electricity and building maintenance.

Where do the kids in your program come from?

Most of the youth who go through the Worth Auto program come from Social Service agencies, Youth Probation or from private referrals.

How can I get my child (friend, nephew, etc.) involved in your program?

Usually all it takes is a phone call and a brief interview with the youth. Once we have an opening in the program we usually take the next highly motivated young person into our program.  It’s not “first come first serve” but rather we take the next candidate who we feel is ready and motivated and will be successful in our shop.

How long does the Worth Auto program last?

Currently we have no specific start or end dates for our program. Usually we work with the youth involved and seek to transition each person out as soon as they’re ready. That is usually between three months and two years depending on the individual.

What skills will the participant gain?

The youth in our program work alongside certified Journeyman technicians diagnosing and repairing the donated vehicles. They’ll learn skills such as: oil changes; brake service and repairs; engine and transmission diagnosis and replacement/repairs; and almost anything that goes on in a regular automotive shop. We spend time teaching them basic automotive theory and diagnostic skills as well as other life skills such as budgeting, resume writing and job interview skills.   

Do the youth get paid?

Not at first. When youth are brought into Worth Auto they come in as volunteers. If they show potential and an eagerness to learn, then when we have a paid position come available they can begin to earn minimum wage.

What are your business hours?

Worth Auto is open from 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM Monday through Friday except Statutory Holidays.  Some other days we may be closed include staff training or conference days during the year. Worth Auto is also closed between Christmas and New Year each year.

Can I donate my vehicle online?

Yes, you can fill out our online form here and our tow truck operator will contact you and arrange to pick up your vehicle. If you are not able to be with your vehicle when it is being picked up you can print out a paper copy of our donation form, sign it and leave it with the vehicle. Please make those arrangements with the tow truck operator prior to him coming to pick up your vehicle.

Do you work on other people’s cars?

No, at the present time we only work on the cars that have been donated to Worth Auto.

Is Worth Auto a religious program?

Worth Auto is part of Youth Unlimited Greater Calgary and we are a Christian charity. As such we have a part of our program that does invite discussion about Christianity and the person of Jesus Christ but that is not, nor has it ever been a requirement to participate in our program. Our program is open to anyone who shows a potential to develop good work habits and has a mechanical aptitude.

How can I volunteer at Worth Auto?

Worth Auto is always looking for volunteers to do a variety of things that will help us continue to efficiently function day to day.  We’re currently looking for mature automotive or heavy duty mechanics that can give one or two days per week to work with the youth in our shop. We also need drivers that have an air brake “Q” endorsement to do towing for us in the evenings or during the day.  We need people who have office and organizational skills to help with the administrative part of our program. There are other ways to volunteer with Worth Auto as well. If you feel you can help out, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Does Worth Auto ever give people in need free cars?

Not usually. Worth Auto is totally funded by the generous donations of people and families and so needs to sell the vehicles it receives to keep the program going. In some circumstances a church may call us to let us know of a situation where we are able to help out with a donated car but that is not part of what we normally do.